Primaluce Sorrento

Primaluce is a pure, magic place, a love story with Nature, with emotions and products she offers us. Primaluce surprises its guests with an unmatched view: set between sea and mountains, the property expands on terraces, among the green Sorrento hills, up to the infinite blue shades of the Naples Gulf. You can reach the farmhouse leaving the state road SS145, to take a rather steep hill road. The road to Paradise, you know, cannot be just a walk! The property has two b&b rooms and a large dining room. We offer our guests a true agrarian life experience and a convivial stay with our Family. Outside the property, there is a large equipped dining area, a playground for children, a relaxation area and some picnic green areas. At Primaluce land, you can also visit farm animals, who live free and safe in their own terraces.

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primaluce sorrento

We wanted a special place where live, grow up our daughters, meet with friends and welcome local and foreign guests, loving Earth and contact with Nature. After a quite long research, we have found it here: the land seemed an unspoiled, but at the meantime crumbling Eden. Our love story with Primaluce begins in 2012, right here where every day sunrise take the breath off... Here, where we invested time, work and savings to build a unique place in Sorrento, sure that things made from the heart are always the best as well as the most beautiful. Certain of our philosophy, since 2014 we sell our zero-km products to the famous local market in Piano di Sorrento called “Earth Market”; we are also associated to the Slow Food Presidium. In April 2017, we got the Farmhouse license; it allowed us to increase the range of services offered to our customers, as like b&b rooms and the zero-km restaurant: we cook and serve what we cultivate!

Mission and Values

Primaluce is our Family and Life plan, born from our unconditional Love for nature, animals, traditions and good things. We work with passion and dedication, full respecting the Earth, her Creatures and Times. We trust in positive Sentiments and Values, which our grandparents have transmitted and taught us; we believe that things made with love and at the right times are the best done. This is why, two guiding principles - as seasonality and zero-km - lead our activities.

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Touristic tours and Cooking school

Touristic tours and Cooking school

We are convinced that the best way to enjoy Nature is to live it! This is why we have organized some activities based on direct experience and interaction; Primaluce Touristic tours and Cooking school allow you to know and appreciate the rural world: farm animals, seasonal products, cultivation techniques, traditional recipes and genuine flavors.
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Picnic Area

Green is the color of Balance. Green is the color of Nature, plants, fertility and abundance. Green has a relaxing and calming effect. It evokes hope and vitality. Diving into the Green is the ideal way to unplug the daily routine and chaos! That's why we offer our customers access to Primaluce green areas at a really affordable price. Areas are well equipped for a barbecue, a picnic or a party!
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